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Mercury develops intelligent marketing communication solutions designed to build brands. It starts with a plan that’s executed using the hardest working tactics available in our digital age. Discover for yourself how Mercury operates as a critical extension of your marketing department. Our work is our passion and how we deliver it is in our full name – Mercury Communication Partners.

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From start-ups to Fortune 500 companies, Mercury is about successfully establishing, reclaiming and course-correcting brands. We have the track record to prove it.


Marketing reconstructed. Mercury’s proactive approach reinterprets the role of a full-service marketing communications agency. Our methodology is designed to engage, inspire, and deliver vibrant outcomes. We produce integrated creative solutions that maximize results in today’s marketplace. Each communication piece we create always work as a standalone, yet is designed to deliver greater impact through integration. That’s great marketing.

Social Media

Build, listen, respond. Social media provides endless opportunities to strengthen relationships…with customers, prospects and influencers. Mercury leverages the powerful tool of social media to help clients create a following, boost engagement, listen to the chatter and join the conversation – all to effectively maximize your online voice.

Web Interactive

Integrating interactive tactics. From website design and improved functionality to online branding and social media, interactive technology is constantly evolving. Mercury understands online user behavior and implements intuitive applications to reinforce customer relationships, increase page views, and establish repeat visits. Our proven experience in SEO, e-marketing campaigns, and Web 2.0 applications allows us to step up to any challenge. 


Creative messaging that matters. By connecting audience behavior with compelling creative, Mercury delivers dynamic advertising utilizing the full potential of today’s technology. Of course, traditional media continues to play an important role also. Video, audio, interactive, viral, and print are among the areas where we have a particularly strong record of success. 

Public Relations

Delivering maximum credibility. Mercury knows how to recognize opportunities and highlight their newsworthiness to generate third party endorsement. Whether in media relations or new product introductions, Mercury integrates proven public relations methodology for optimum results. Our umbrella of experience ranges from media conferences, media releases/media kits and crisis management, to event planning and incentive programs.


We convert brand testers to loyal brand users. Mercury identifies key brand attributes and core benefits which allows us to focus on brand values to develop a marketing communications plan that distinguishes a brand from its competition. From initial concepts to designing the look and feel of a brand, Mercury can update a current brand image, work within an established brand platform, or help you define your brand entirely from scratch. 

What Clients Say

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A 'Go To' Agency »
Brand Building »
Big Box »
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Ten Years »

Nearly 10 years ago when the committee and I saw a need for professional guidance to grow Trainfest attendance among families, I interviewed a number of agencies. My choice was Mercury because they understood Trainfest was a unique entity. They knew the traditional advertising process would not work for us and would not use Trainfest ad dollars efficiently.

It was a good decision. It’s been a great relationship and Mercury has never stopped coming forward with new ideas, opportunities for improvement, and cost effective use of our advertising dollars.

John H. Tews
Executive Director – Trainfest, America’s Largest Operating Model Railroad Show

A 'Go To' Agency »

Mercury was responsible for multiple marketing initiatives, corporate events, and video asset productions both domestically and internationally for Dresser Waukesha Engine during my tenure as VP of Sales and Marketing. They created excellent imagery, messaging, and videos for such major events as our Global Centennial Celebration, Global Supply Chain symposiums, and for new product launches at multiple trade shows. They are now my “go to” agency.

Paul Cannestra
VP Marketing, Waukesha Engine (currently GE Energy)

Brand Building »

Mercury understands what it takes to build a brand. It was a hard decision when it came to selecting the visual brand approach because of the great options they presented. They really understood how to write a compelling headline. Mercury was responsible for creating all the communications for DRIcore from ads to brochures. Great continuity. They also go above and beyond – they even converted part of their offices to stage a photoshoot because it was less expensive for us to do it that way. I’ve enjoyed working with them.

Dave Murray
VP of Marketing, DRIcore

Big Box »

You’ve nailed it again.  My trust in your experience working with big box retailers has paid off.  You were absolutely correct in how to position Taiwan based Ropers.  Thank you.

Mike Radke
Ropers USA

Mass-Media »

It’s been a pleasure working with Mercury on our first mass-media campaign. Developing the creative was exciting (and I am so happy it was with you). Your strategic insights were invaluable. Your team was extremely helpful in guiding us through the details to answer all of our inquiries with efficiency and effectiveness. Appreciate your attention to detail!

Tara Pfeifer
Marketing Manager, AmeriHome Mortgage


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